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The credit union’s loan to share ratio is driven by the credit union’s loan and deposit acquisition performance. Most credit unions concentrate on building the loan portfolio while focusing less on deposits, unless liquidity is an issue. In general, loan growth can be influenced more by the credit union’s operations (sale culture, marketing, product development, risk management, etc.) than deposit growth. Deposit growth is generally influenced more by non-operational factors (e.g. the demographics of the membership and economic conditions), than by operational factors. In general, a higher ratio can lead to greater profitability.
Note:The star ratings and accompanying text are based on percentile rankings within a peer group. However, the peer average displayed in the chart is calculated as the weighted average (the mean) of the peer group. Therefore, it is possible that the star ratings and text may at times not correlate what is being displayed on the graph. This would be the case when the average of the peer group varies measurably from the 50th percentile ranking (the median) within the peer group.
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